School Anthem

Villa Theresa High School Anthem

Bells at Villa Theresa proudly proclaim,
“All-round excellence” that’s our primary aim,
To strive for progress with unselfish zeal,
Following our motto “To truth through love” faithfully.
We’ve got to be agents of social change,
Value our principles, discover our gains,
To put our talents to their best use,
Fight against injustice and bravely express our views.
Four houses of our school bring to light,
“Service before self” that’s Ashok House pride,
“Justice and Peace” is Gandhi’s aim,
“Perseverance all the way” is what Nehru House proclaims
And Tagore stands for “love and fidelity”
Hand in hand these houses work in every activity.
God bless our school, students and our teachers dear,
Mould us to be women – loving and sincere,
Help us to render service to society,
This is our commitment to you, God and Our Country.


Composed by :Ms. Effie Lobo