The  Motto

is derived from two latin words ‘Veritatem’ and ‘Caritatem’


The Ship

represent the trials that are encountered in life .

The Sea

represent the ocean of knowledge that we must travel

The Entwining Scallop

represents the cord that binds the Theresian family.

The Star

represent the guiding light through our tribulation in life.

 Ad Veritatem per Caritatem

To Truth  through love



Villa Theresa, a Girl High School is a Roman Catholic Institution founded in 1932, and run by the Mumbai Franciscan Missionaries Society to give an all –rounded education, Academic. Physical, Moral and Spiritual, primarily to Catholics for whose education the Institution is established; and also to other children irrespective of religion or race, in so far as is consonant with Christian principles.


The School stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the Service of Man as modeled on Jesus Christ, with a view to training citizens distinguish for their all-round development and sincere commitment to God and Country.


Students leaving the portals of Villa Theresa should-

- embibe  Franciscian values.

- be women of strong moral and spiritual principles.

- be women of dedicated selfless service in society.